About Us

The renowned educational group, “Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel Educational Society” is managed by the religious society of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Founded in the year 1705.As early Brothers arrived in India to educate the youth of our country.

Our Mission

To organize, train and empower the youth (dropouts) to have a purposeful and meaningful life through vocational skill training.

Our Vision

Our aspiration is to become a leading creator of self sufficiency and dignity of labor in the Industrial Training Institute. To achieve this we will use the ENERGY of our people, development and implement leading edge technologies and draw on both to deliver effective world class solutions to our customers.

Our Belief

We believe that every youth is a special individual endowed with god given abilities. We belief that school leavers can learn and achieve success through Vocational Education if given the opportunities.

From the Director's desk

"Give a man/woman a fish and feed him/her for a day Teach a man/woman to fish and you feed him/her for a life time"

This is the kind of self-sufficiency and sustainability that MIEC Nagpur is aiming to achieve. The Brothers stepped into the lives of the deprived youth along with Tata Trust in the year 2011.

The march toward empowering the youth is well supported by many agencies through their financial, technical and placement support. We acknowledge our sincere appreciation to our collaborators, specially Tata Trust and Bosch India Foundation.

We do hope that the attempt to bring out a glance of MIEC will bring you closer to our mission her and thus be part of us in some way or other.

Br. Sebastian K
Director, MIEC
Visit of Our Collaborators to MIEC - Nagpur

Ms. Poorima Dore (Tata Trust)

Mr. George Menezes (COO Godrej Boyce)

Dr. Jessy Fenn (Bosch India Founation)

Mr. S. Phansalkar (Tata Trust)

Ms. Alakananda (Tata Trust)

Ms. Paulomi Pal ( Godrej Saloni)

Partnership And Collaboration
Brother Of St. Gabriel
Tata Trust
Bosch India Fondation
Mahindra Trucks and Buses
Godrej and Boyce
Godrej Saloni
Sister Of Poor Handmaid Of Jesus Christ
Collaboration For Placement
Godrej and Boyce
Knorr Bremse - Pune
Mahindra Trucks and Buses Nagpur
Naturals Chennai
L &T - Hyderabad - Pune
Ceeyanko Pvt. Ltd. - Pune
Mother Plant - Pune
Luminer Coolent Pvt. Ltd. - Pune
Delphi Auto System Pvt. Ltd. - Pune

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